Pembrokeshire Trading Standards and Carew Market sign Real Deal to ensure fake-free shopping

Carew Market and Pembrokeshire County Council’s Trading Standards have pledged to work together to ensure the market is a good, fake-free environment in which to trade and shop.

Both organisations have signed the Real Deal – a national charter for safe, fair markets.

Trading Standards Officer John Mallinson said: “Trading Standards has a statutory responsibility to protect consumers from the sale of fake and illegal goods which can pose a safety risk and be damaging to the business of honest traders.

“The Real Deal partnership with Carew Market will give a boost to consumer protection in Pembrokeshire.”

The Real Deal campaign is a cross-sector initiative bringing together local authority trading standards services, market operators, traders and industry groups.

At the heart of the campaign is the national markets’ charter, which sets out key principles for market operators, local authority trading standards services, industry, and trademark representatives to sign up to and abide by.

Patricia Lennon, National Campaign Manager, said she was delighted that Carew Market and Pembrokeshire County Council had joined together to sign the Real Deal Charter.

“It demonstrates their joint commitment to protecting shoppers and traders from the harm caused by counterfeit goods. It also sends out a strong warning to any would-be traders in fakes and other illicit goods that they are not welcome here. We are grateful for the work that both trading standards and the market management have put in to adopting the Real Deal Charter.”

Cllr Pat Davies, Cabinet Member for Housing and Regulatory Services, said she was very pleased to sign the document on behalf of the County Council.

“The charter enables customers and traders to have confidence that arrangements are in place to ensure that Carew Market is a safe and fair environment,” she said.


Pictured are John Mallinson (Trading Standards Officer), Phil Davies from Carew Market and Cllr Pat Davies.