Real Deal Online Code of Practice

The Real Deal Online programme has been designed to assist administrators of social media selling groups in discharging their legal responsibilities in relation to consumer sales by means of their sales group.

In short, the Real Deal programme required administrators to liaise with their local trading standards service, to welcome local trading standards officers as members of the group and to agree to the Real Deal Online Code of Practice, which comprises just five simple steps:

  1. to prohibit the sale of counterfeit and other illicit goods;
  2. to act on information from intellectual property rights owners and their representatives who highlight the sale of illegal goods;
  3. to notify trading standards if they believe that illegal goods are being sold within the group and to exclude the sellers of these goods;
  4. to highlight warnings and advice notices posted by trading standards;
  5. to make sure that all members of the group are aware of its fake-free policy.

You can find your local trading standards service here: