Let’s Talk Real Deal

In these two short videos, experts representing different stakeholder groups explain the benefits that the Real Deal Charter brings to shoppers, legitimate traders and the wider community.



At the signing of the Real Deal Charter in Newcastle-under-Lyme Market in June 2021, Graham Mogg, Chair of the National Markets Group for IP Protection and ACG Intelligence Co-ordinator explains that Real Deal markets benefit shoppers, legitimate traders and the wider economy: “The money goes into the traders’ pockets and the government purse and is not funding criminality, which is what happens with counterfeit goods.”

Commenting on the impact of the Covid pandemic restrictions on retail trade, Cllr. Stephen Sweeney, Newcastle-under-Lyme Cabinet member for finance, town centres and growth, explains that the council is putting a great deal of emphasis on the town centre: “If we can say to customers that the goods we sell on the market are what they say they are, no frauds, no fakes, it will encourage people to come.”

Staffordshire County Council’s communities leader, Cllr Victoria Wilson, comments that the Real Deal in Staffordshire has been “fantastic”, adding, “It’s great for local businesses who can sell their goods to consumers who know they are buying genuine articles and won’t be contributing to the black market.”

Watch the video herehttps://youtu.be/6olPzZ9xLZA



Mike Walsh, Manager of Newton Abbot Market explains why he “jumped at the chance” to sign the Real Deal Charter in 2019, saying, “it brings the opportunity for customers to come into the market and shop with the confidence that they’re buying genuine goods, good quality at a good price.” Trader Diane Smith of Newton Phone Cases and Repairs agrees: “Customers are reassured and are happy and then you build up a customer base . . . through the years.”

Watch the video here – https://youtu.be/Fdqst1b0KW8