Scottish National Markets

The Scottish National Markets Groupsaitg

The Scottish National Markets Group was formed in May 2013 to provide a forum for cross-sector, coordinated, partnership working by enforcement agencies focused on tackling the trade in counterfeit and other illicit products at markets and car boot fairs in Scotland.

Meetings are hosted by the Police Scotland, National Safer Communities, Interventions Unit , which looks at ways of working with the public, private and voluntary sectors to reduce vulnerabilities from those involved in crime. Through education, the Interventions Unit sets out to change cultures and influence positive behaviours.

The Real Deal campaign is a key aspect of the Scottish National Market Group’s aim to recognise, reinforce and reward good practice at markets and car boot fairs in Scotland that are working with local enforcement partners to keep their markets free from counterfeit and other illicit goods. It promotes legitimate business and provides a platform upon which participating markets, car boot fairs and local authorities in Scotland can build positive media coverage.

Meetings of the Scottish National Markets Group are attended by representatives of:

  • individual trading standards authorities in Scotland,
  • COSLA,
  • Trading Standards Scotland,
  • Police Scotland,
  • Scottish Business Reliance Centre,
  • IPO,
  • Industry groups representing trademark and copyright holders (including the Industry Trust, FACT, ACG, BPI, Tobacco Manufacturers Association).