Markets ‘Building Back Better’ with the Real Deal

As the UK continues its journey out of lockdown, markets across the country are focusing on rebuilding footfall from shoppers, attracting new traders and staking their place at the heart of local communities. For many market operators that means strengthening their customer quality assurances, including promoting their market as a fake-free zone.

In recent weeks, the Real Deal office has received an increasing number of enquiries from markets keen to start the process towards signing the Real Deal charter, as well as from existing Real Deal markets wanting to re-promote their fake-free status. Displaying the Real Deal charter and logo is a visible demonstration that counterfeit products and other illegal goods will not be tolerated at that location. It shows that the market is working with local trading standards to protect shoppers and stand up for businesses who play by the rules.

In this video, Mike Walsh, Manager at Newton Abbot Market, and one of the traders, Diane Smith, describe the benefits of signing the Real Deal charter. Watch the video here –

More than 500 markets across the country have already signed the Real Deal charter with their local trading standards service. Through the project, they have access to guidance, information and promotional support.

Market operators interested in joining the Real Deal programme, and those that have previously signed the charter and wish to re-promote their fake-free status, can get the ball rolling by emailing